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Every woman wants to feel beautiful.  And although this isn’t something we like to admit, but when we get a new dress, get our hair done, or put on a new pair of heels, the look of recognition and admiration from other women’s eyes is a feeling unlike any other.

The fashion world has always enchanted me, ever since I was a little girl.  I would collect magazines, later albums of fashion brands; those designs would preoccupy me for hours on end, so it comes as no surprise that elegance and fashion is still an important part of my adult life.  Although my profession has nothing to do with fashion, I always pay special attention to my looks and appearance, how the colours harmonize with the environment surrounding me, and even to this day, I’d never forget the face of someone with style.

The first time I tried hair extensions was years ago, but that was only for the sake of trying something new.  Nothing can compare to that feeling of changing your hairstyle in an instant, from a shorter bob to long flowy hair.  After that, I always kept an eye out for different hair extension methods and from time to time tested them myself.

Recently, I’ve noticed that my hair is thinning and that I really do need something to help with the volume and shine, so I would feel better when I pass a mirror and catch a glimpse of myself.  Therefore, I started spending more hours sitting in a salon chair again, but it wasn’t the same feeling, because I could only hide so many hair extension clips or tapes in my already stressed hair.

I started thinking about how I can re-live that “Good” feeling again, without having to sit in a chair for hours while getting my extensions done - in best case without damaging my own hair, of course.  And it was not only for me but for the other women going through the same. Time catches up with all of us – and hormonal changes, aging, individual attributes, or simply the lack of time for traditional solutions don’t work for most of us anymore.  That’s when the ideas for ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair products started to manifest. 

ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair is an instantaneous solution, which guarantees thoughts like, “Wow, I really do look good today”, when looking in a mirror.

With ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair you can experience this “Good” feeling too while winning yourself some time for the important things in life.


Now Fix Your Hair on and Rock The World!