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Please find below the countries and shipping costs. If your country is currently not on the list, please get in contact with us at: [email protected] and we will figure out a solution together. (Please share your exact address details in the e-mail.)

Shipping in Hungary

In-store pick-up, Pick-Up Points and Home delivery options are available.

Incoming orders are taken into the system and put together, then handed over to the courier service. It can also be picked up in person, if that was the chosen delivery method.

The package will be delivered within 1-5 working days (if the ordered product is in stock).

Home delivery by courier service

The ordered Product will be delivered to the address provided by the Customer.

The courier service delivers on weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00.

The delivery of the package cannot be influenced by us.

The courier service notifies the Buyer of the dispatch of the shipment by giving the date of delivery. The delivery notification contains the package number, which allows the Customer to request a change in the delivery date by clicking on the link provided, and by filling in the “Specify package delivery order” form, and entering the password, which is also provided in the notification.

The courier service confirms the delivery of the package on the morning of delivery, and informs the Buyer about the expected time of delivery by specifying a time interval of 3 (three) hours.

It is possible to pay in cash or by credit card, if you chose the C.O.D. option. The handling fee for cash-on-delivery is HUF 700.

The delivery cost HUF 1,700 for orders under HUF 20,000. Delivery is free for orders over HUF 20,000. 

Pick-up Point

The ordered Product will be delivered to the chosen Pick-up Point, where you can pick up the ordered Product.

You will be notified of the delivery of the package to the Pick-up Point.

If you chose to pay C.O.D., then is possible to pay in cash and at some Pick-up Points by credit card. The handling fee for cash on delivery is HUF 400.

The delivery cost is free for orders over HUF 20,000, for orders below HUF 20,000 the delivery fee is HUF 600.

Further information:

Package tracking:



In-store Pickup (available in Hungary ONLY)

In case of in-store pickup, the Customer shall pay the purchase price of the Product in cash or by credit card at the Service Provider’s business premises or at another location indicated by the Service Provider. Cash payment is only possible in Hungarian forints (HUF).

C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery)

If you chose acourier service as your delivery method, then there’s an option to pay C.O.D. to the courier in cash or with card upon reception of the products.

Online payment with credit card

There’s also an option to pay the full price online, through a safe payment system.

The online payments are executed through the Barion system, thus your credit card details will not be shared with ASHLYNN BRAID®.

This service, provided by Barion Payment Zrt., is under the supervision of the Hungarian National Bank. Barion is licensed through the Hungarian National Bank under the licence number: H-EN-|-1064/2013.

Applicable credit cards:

Mastercard or Maestro

Visa or Electron


 What is Barion?

Barion is a service, dedicated to secure online payments. With Barion you can easily and comfortably make payments online with your credit card or by putting money into your Barion wallet in advance.

Pay comfortably with your credit card

You don’t need to register to pay with your credit card, all you need to give is the number on your credit card, the expiration date and the CVC code along with an active e-mail.

However, if you do choose to register with the Barion Payment solution, then you will never have to give your credit card details on any platform which uses Barion as a payment gateway again. All you will ever need is your e-mail and password, making it not only more convenient, but also more secure.

Pay comfortably online without a credit card

If you don’t have a credit card or do not want to use it for online transactions you can use the Barion wallet. You will have put money on your registered Barion wallet in advance, either by bank transfer or by depositing cash. The Barion wallet also allows you to send and receive money from family and friends. Check limits and details at the Barion homepage. Find the link below.

No fees

There are no fees for paying with your credit card associated with the use of the Barion system. Starting from registration, downloading the Barion mobile app to sending and receiving money There are no transaction fees and no monthly fees either.

Barion app

With the Barion app you can follow all your transactions. The free Barion wallet immediately shows all your purchases. You can top up your wallet through the app, furthermore, you can send or receive money from family and friends. (Limits apply, please check homepage for details.)

Safety first

Always check if you are on Barion’s secure server before paying or giving out any of your credit card details or passwords. A green browser (address details on top of your electronic payment page) signals that the payment is, in fact going through the safe payment gateway: Barion.

Barion Payment Zrt. has obtained a PCI DSS certificate, which is required by credit card companies, therefore is entitled to handle credit card data. All safety regulations are supervised and compliant with the required regulations of the Hungarian National Bank.

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