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Seductive beauty on Valentine’s Day!

Want to bring your best this weekend? We’ll tell you what the latest makeup and hairstyles are, guaranteed to make you look and appear most seductive! Show your true beauty this Valentine’s Day!

Natural brilliance

Wondering what men think is the most enchanting makeup? The truth is the invisible makeup! That is when you follow the no-makeup trend and do your makeup very naturally. This is because you highlight what your beautiful natural face is like, and you don’t need more than that to seduce anyone. A little concealer, a touch of colored moisturizer, or BB cream, that’s all there is to it. However, be sure to highlight your lashes, this will be the focus of the whole look. Try, for example, our Abigail Lashes they are perfect because they add a little extra oomph to your natural look. Apply a minimal creamy bronzer or highlighter to your face and apply a nourishing balm to your lips.

Hairstyle tip:

If you choose this makeup for Valentine’s Day, your hairstyle could be similarly natural. The best choice is to create light loose waves and make them look a little messy. This may make you look like you just got out of bed, which is pretty sexy in itself.

girl holding roses, seductive beauty on valentine's day

You feel more dramatic!

After natural makeup look, the dramatic look ranks second on the list of men’s favorite makeup. One of the key features of this look is striking lipstick, as it sends a message that the wearer is confident. However, surveys show that men don’t like the overly shiny versions that make the lips “heavier”. That’s why it’s best to choose one that has a light texture and shines subtly. In terms of colors, other than the classic red, the bright mauve tone is also a real hit.

Hairstyle tip:

Because the focus is on your lips, your hairstyle should be more restrained, for example, straight smooth-dried hair would nicely frame your face. However, it is important here that your hair is well-groomed and shiny, for which we have already given some tips in a previous blog post. If you want extra shine, use hair light spray on the finished hairstyle.

before and after picture of eyes, with and without Ashlynn Braid Eyelashes

Enchanting glance

If you would rather focus on your eyes instead of your lips, smoky makeup is the obvious choice, but pay attention to the following: try not to use too dark colors, choose a little lighter, more neutral tone instead. Try not to use a glittery eyeshadow, but a satin one. Winged eyes are an eternal favorite, which we know you have perfected anyway! Men find it playful and cheeky. If you do choose a winged liner then try out our Alice lashes, they match perfectly.

Hairstyle tip:

If you want to direct full attention to your face, then create a high pony. But it’s also okay to leave your hairstyle down, just staple the strands hanging in your face with cool clips, or maybe put on a charming headband or hair scarf.


You can make these hairstyles even more spectacular with the help of the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair extensions, this way you can get ready for your Valentine’s Day date even faster!

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