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Golden Blonde #24 – Lisa – Ashlynn Braid® Halo Hair – Glow Up (12 inch/100 grams)


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Perfect at home solution, extremely easy to use without professional help

No glue, clips, sewing, heat, therefore no damage!

Perfect solution for thin or thinning hair

Unnoticeable, blends in with your own hair perfectly

Don’t worry if you ordered the wrong colour, write to us and we’ll help you change it

Easiest solution to have perfect hair every day

Premium quality 100% Human Remy Hair

Can’t find your colour? Let us help!

Golden Blonde #24 - Lisa - Halo Hair Extension Package Contains:

12 inch Golden Blonde #24 - Lisa - Ashlynn Braid® Halo Hair Extension
Beautiful white magnetic Ashlynn Braid® storage box
How to/Instructions
2 stretchy, 2 non-stretchy wires


13 Reasons to choose Ashlynn Braid Hair
  • It can be put on in under 2 minutes, removed in an instant, so you can wear it according to your wants and needs.
  • The perfect home solution, no need to ask for help from your hairdresser or girlfriends, even beginners can put it on with ease.
  • This is the ONLY hair extension which will not damage your own hair at all!
  • Looks completely natural.
  • Premium Quality 100% Human Remy Hair.
  • There are no disturbing keratin-seals, micro-rings or wefted seams visible
  • Full flexibility. There’s no commitment, no risk. If you feel like wearing it you can, if you don’t then you don’t have to.
  • Perfect solution for everyday wear or just for special occasions.
  • Stable, does not slip or move, stays in place all day.
  • Super comfortable to wear.
  • You can take it off at any time, so you don’t sweat in it while exercising and it doesn’t  bother you while sleeping.
  • Shape, curl, iron it any way you please.
  • Create various hairstyles with it.
Who do we recommend it to?
  • Perfect for women with thin or thinning hair, it blends in very well with your own hair, in most cases you don't even need to get a trimming.
  • It’s also a great choice for women with normal to thicker hair, if you’d like even more volume or longer hair. However, in this case we do recommend getting some layers in the hair, so the merge can be seamless.
  • If thicker hair is the goal, then it suits any hair type if you get it cut to the same length as your own hair.
  • It is important to have some hair on the top of your head, so it is not ideal for those who are balding at the top or have very little hair in that area.
How to find the perfect color?
  • The colour of the hair extension should be chosen to match the colour of the ends of your hair.
  • Choose the lightest shade in your hair to match.
  • With this solution it’s not exactly a problem if the colour of the hair extension doesn’t match your own hair perfectly, because they blend together very nicely. Plus, you can play with the tones if you want a little variety without dyeing your own hair.
  • We are happy to help you find the perfect colour, just send us a picture of your natural hair colour!

How to

Wie wird der flexible oder fixe Plastik Leine verwendet?
  1. Nimm die Schnur und das Ashlynn-Braid Hair zur Hand
  2. Hake die Leine und den Haken ineinander
  3. Steck den Haken in die vorgesehene Halterung (wir empfehlen Dir, die Schnur so zu wählen, dass Du das Ashlynn Braid Hair bequem tragen kannst, wenn der Haken im ersten Balg steckt)
Wie wird das Ashlynn Braid Hair angelegt und getragen?
  1. Entwirre Dein Haar mit einem Kamm
  2. Lege dein Ashlynn Braid Hair 3-8 cm hinter Deinen Haaransatz an und lass es nach unten gleiten
  3. Ziehe Dein eigenes Haar mit der Spitze eines Stielkammes von unten heraus, indem Du je eine Strähne von vorne auf die Seite und dann nach hinten gleitest
  4. Kämme es sorgfältig durch, um sicherzustellen Dass der Draht gut versteckt ist. So einfach war’s!
Wir wird das Ashlynn Braid Hair gewaschen?
  1. Ashlynn Braid Hair anfeuchten und Shampoo auftragen
  2. Dem Haarverlauf entsprechend waschen
  3. Mit lauwarmem Wasser ausspülen und Conditioner hinzufügen
  4. Mit einem grob gezahnten Kamm sanft von unten nach oben durchkämmen, dann nach 5-10 Minuten den Conditioner ausspülen
  5. Das Wasser vorsichtig absorbieren
  6. Auf einen kleinen Aufhänger hängen und trocknen lassen
Wie “stylst” Du Ashlynn Braid Hair?
  • Bequemes Locken oder Glätten auf einem kleinen Aufhänger hängend.
  • Haarspray oder andere Stylingprodukte werden in Maßen empfohlen
  • Denk daran: Du kannst Ashlynn Braid Hair mit Styling-Tools bearbeiten, da es sich um 100% menschliches Remy-Haar handelt, aber verwende keine zu hohen Temperaturen, behandle es wie Dein eigenes Haar

Exchange and Return

You can exchange your order or get a refund for it within 14 (fourteen) days of purchasing.

If you would like to make a return or exchange, contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you promptly.

We want you to be happy with ASHLYNN BRAID® products so we will try to find a good solution for you.

We can only accept a returned item if nothing is missing from the package, and the content is unharmed. ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair and ASHLYNN BRAID® will only be taken back if they have not been opened. In the case of the hair, an unbroken safety seal is also required. So, if the safety seal is missing, or the circumstances indicate the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair has been worn or used in any other way, we cannot take it back.


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