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Color Wow – Dream Filter


Pre-Shampoo Treatment, Spray Treatment for Radiant and Fresher Hair Colour, Hair Care Spray Suitable for Light and Blonde Hair

Displaying the product is an advertisement. At the same time, we would like you to know that there are only products that we have tried and used ourselves, so we wholeheartedly recommend them regardless of the fact that we will receive a small commission after your purchase, if you click on the link to buy – which of course does not mean any extra costs for you.
This product helps to properly care for the Ashlynn Braid Hair we distribute, thus increasing its lifespan.

Can’t find your colour? Let us help!

Filters give each photo an instant Instagram makeover. Color Wow Dream Filter does the same with the hair! Like a magnet, the pre-shampoo draws mineral and metal deposits in the water from the hair. They can lead to unwanted colour changes – even during hair colouring at the hairdresser – or make the hair appear darker.

In addition, residues can make the hair brittle and immovable. In just a few minutes, the spray provides a radiant and fresh hair colour. The gentle pre-shampoo does not dry out or damage the hair structure or wear the hair colour - even with heavily bleached hair.


Spray Color Wow Dream Filter evenly and generously on dry hair before washing and leave for one to three minutes. Then wash the hair with Color Wow Security Shampoo to achieve the best result. The spray can be used daily if necessary.


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