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Lash growth 101

Do you want long and rich eyelashes? A few simple tricks will give you that Bambi’s eye look! Here are our eyelash growth 101 tips and tricks, it worked for us so we are confident it will work for you too!

Many of us dream of long and strong lashes, but unfortunately not everyone is born with them. Most of us struggle with short lash problems, they’re barely visible, or worse, they break off easily. The latter can also be caused by increased stress, constant makeup, built lash extensions, but they can also become more and more vulnerable as we age. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural solutions to fix this, to make our lashes stronger and longer.

oil for lash growth

Strengthening cocktail

Not only is there a cocktail solution for hair growth, but there’s a cocktail solution for eyelash growth too. Here, for example, is an argan and castor oil recipe, they are known to be hair enhancers because they make strands shinier and more resistant, so they’re a solution for lashes too. Make a nourishing serum with either argan or castor oil as the main ingredient, you’ll see spectacular results within 3 weeks of using it!


Castor oil

E-vitamin oil

Aloe vera gel

Preparation: Your mixture should be 1/4th castor oil, 1/4th aloe vera, and the rest vitamin E oil. Put it all in a dark vial and use it every night.

Tip: If you don’t want to bother with making a mixture, then use just a drop of argan or castor oil on a q-tip and gently smear your lashes with it. Leave it on for the evening, then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water in the morning.

easy way for longer lashes with special oil

Special care

If you don’t want such an evening ritual at all, we still have a solution for you! Today, almost all beauty brands offer mascara that contains nourishing, growing, strengthening ingredients. Moreover, some need to be put on before going to bed because they exert their effects while we sleep. This way we can already wake up with wonderful lashes!

Needs cleaning

Eyelashes can only grow properly if you let them breathe. That is why it’s very important to remove your makeup, such as mascara, every night. Most of the time, using a facial cleanser isn’t enough to remove all the mascara. You should opt to use a specific mascara removing cleanser, two-phase versions are usually pretty effective.

Extra tip: Ha szeretnél még igézőbbé tenni a tekintetünket, próbáld ki az ASHLYNN BRAID® Szempillákat. Nem roncsolja a saját pilládat, nem kell ragasztóval bajlódnod, hiszen elég hozzá a Fix Szemhéjtus, amely átlátszó változatban is elérhető! Hihetetlenül egyszerű és gyors felhelyezés!

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