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Halo Hair Care: 5 Tips to Ensure the Longevity of Your Hair Extension

Here are our tips on how to care for your halo hair.

It’s true that a good quality, 100% human hair extension is as much of an investment as a quality bag or dress, but it’s definitely worth it on the long run. To maximize the lifespan of a hairpiece, whether it’s a clip-in or a halo, it’s important to know a few basics.

Firstly, there is the question of how long you can use your hair extension. This depends on many things, but mainly on the quality of the hair used, how often it is worn and how well it is cared for. On average, you can wear your extensions for 3-6 months to 1 year or even longer if you buy good quality extensions and take care of them properly. Washing your hair too often, using too many styling products, or ironing or curling your hair at an unreasonably high temperature will not help you to keep it for a long time.

Let’s see the top 5 tips to care for your hair!

1. Brushing

It’s important to comb your hair thoroughly every time you take it off, and never leave it tangled. If it’s very tangled, separate it into smaller clumps and carefully detangle it in clumps. Remember, one of the most important steps in hair care is a careful and gentle combing. Gradually work your way from the ends to the roots. Under no circumstances should you comb it wet, as this is when the hair is at its most fragile, or at most when it is 90% dry. Comb thoroughly before each wash, while still dry. Use a good quality hairbrush or large-tooth comb.

The perfect solution is Ninabella’s organic hairbrush, which has a comfortable, easy-to-grip handle and a wave-shaped, ergonomic design that adapts to the shape of the scalp. It easily removes tangles and protects your hair from possible damage.

Made from recycled plastic, it has no rubber coating and is 100% vegan.

2. Storage

Store it in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight (e.g. in a wardrobe or drawer). A small metal hanger is best, so it will keep the waves neatly in place, but a box is also perfectly fine. Make sure you only put completely dry hair in a box.

3. Washing

Make sure that you only wash your hair when it’s really necessary. In this case, the saying that more is less is true. But how often? The answer is once every 2-3 months. This may sound strange at first, but think about how often you wash your hat, for example. The frequency also depends on how often you wear your extensions (every day or just occasionally), how often you style them and how much hair care products (hairspray, hair gel, mousse, etc.) you use. When it’s hard to style and heavy from product build-up, it’s time for a thorough nourishing, moisturizing wash.

Before washing, apply Color Wow Dream Filter, a pre-shampoo treatment, which is actually a hair cleansing spray that removes minerals and metals from the water, leaving hair looking shiny and fresh. It does not dry out the hair or damage the hair structure.

Wet the hair with lukewarm water. Once fully wet, use a moisturizing shampoo in gentle strokes from ends to the roots, taking care not to tangle it, then rinse very thoroughly. Then repeat shampooing and rinsing.

Be sure to try the Color Security shampoo from Color Wow. It is sulfate-free, specifically recommended for coloured hair, removes impurities effectively and moisturizes very well.

4. Hair care products

The most important thing to remember when buying hair care products is that hydration is the most important part of hair care, otherwise the hair will not get the nutrients and oils it needs.

A super solution is the Color Wow Money Masque, an ultra-hydrating one-step conditioning mask that provides long-lasting hydration and shiny hair. Blue Sea Kelp restores strength and elasticity to the hair shaft, while Mediterranean Seaweed and Algae provide deep conditioning for dry hair.

If you’re looking for mirror-finish hair, the solution is Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Spray from Color Wow. This ultra-lightweight hair spray is the key to extra shine and moisture-resistant hair. Hair is left flexible and shiny as the formula forms a waterproof sheath around the hair strands that protects against the effects of humidity, while moisturizing and leaving the hair incredibly shiny. It acts as a mini keratin treatment that is activated by heat leaving the hair silky, smooth and shiny without weighing it down or making it greasy. Spray the product evenly over dry hair, then iron or curl to activate the product.

You can trust Color Wow Money Masque and Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Spray to transform old, much-used, discarded hair into new hair.

5. Drying, styling

After washing, hang the wet halo hair up on a small hanger and leave to dry completely. Don’t be surprised, the extensions are wavy. Once dry, comb through gently.

You can style (flat iron, curl) it in the same way as your own hair, but again, be careful not to use styling tools on too high a heat setting, as this will damage and dry the hair just as much as your own. Use styling products (hairspray, gel, etc.) in moderation. Good quality extensions hold the wave very well, so these products are not really needed, especially not in large quantities.

For styling, we recommend GHD products, which with their optimum temperature of up to 185°C minimise hair damage and provide shiny, long-lasting curls. Thanks to its unique, patented Ultra-Zone technology, a built-in heat sensor detects and ensures that the optimum styling temperature is always maintained.

With a little care, awareness and well-chosen products, the lifespan of your extensions can be significantly extended.

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