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Frequently Asked Questions

ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair is made for virtually everyone. Especially girls and women with thinner hair, as finer ends blend better with our hair, creating a natural look. They sit quite low on your head too, so you can pull plenty of your own hair over the band to cover it. If you’re feeling unsure, simply check out the before and after pictures and compare them with your current hair. Still not sure? Send us some pictures under good lighting of your current hair, showing your hair from root to end, and we will tell you exactly what ASHLYNN BRAID® would recommend.

This refers to their different lengths and volume, which depends on the amount of hair attached. Not everyone wants long hair, so our “Glow Up” option - which is 100 grams and 31 centimetres - is designed to add volume and a bit of length. Whereas, for the women who want it longer and fuller, “Angel Hair” - weighing 140 grams and 51 centimetres in length - helps balance out the ratio of hair from top to bottom.

Wearing it is a new sensation, so yes, you might feel an added weight; but that feeling will pass in 10-15 minutes and you will become more and more comfortable with it over time.

Each ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair comes with several wire sizes. So, all you need to do is pick the wire that best fits your head.

REMY Hair is the highest grade of human hair on the market. This is because the hair still has its outer cuticle layer and all the follicles face the same direction. This makes ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair last longer, stay shinier, feel silky, and stay tangle free.

We can confidently say that ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair will NOT damage your hair. There is no complicated and lengthy process, no weaving, no clips, and no glue.

Depending on how often it is worn, as well as the care given to your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair, it should last 6-9 months or longer. Being that this is a Human Hair product there isn’t a guaranteed time frame.

Your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair won’t slip off when worn properly. It sits in an angle so it fits securely to your head. In addition, the weight of your hair laying on top will help keep it in place too. It might feel slightly unusual in the beginning but you’ll get used to it as you wear it.

The ASHLYNN BRAID® wire is designed to hold up to multiple kg of weight, so yes, it holds. We include 4 different wires (2 stretchy and 2 fixed non-stretchy), so if one’s not fitting quite right, you can change it to another.

If your hair ends are thin, potentially. Most of the time though, you’ll need to make some minor adjustments, so it can naturally blend in with your own hair.

When positioned correctly, no. There is no need for clips and yes, it will sit securely. Thus, it does not come with clips

Yes, you can certainly wear multiple extensions at the same time. Keep in mind, each of our extensions have 100 or 140 grams of 100% Remy Human Hair, which is the equivalent of a full head of hair. That said, you can enjoy double or triple the luxurious volume that you would achieve with multiple extensions if you so desire. We would recommend getting them fitted professionally and having them expertly blended to sit perfectly.

Because ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair is so simple to remove and put back on, we recommend removing it and hanging it up prior going to sleep to best preserve its custom style. Then, upon waking, you can quickly and easily put on your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair again.

Simply detach the wire that’s on your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair now, then play around with the different wire sizes to find the one that suits you best. On the lace, there are additional eyelets that will help you adjust the lengths.

You want the wire to sit 3-8cm back from your hairline, whilst the part of the wire with hair should fit nicely under the back/bottom of your head, with the top sides of your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair sitting just above your ears. Play around with the different wire sizes until you find the perfect fit. You can also watch our instructional videos.

Yes ... but we recommend spending some time blending it as it can look unnatural otherwise. The bigger the difference between your hair and the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair’s length, the more you’ll need to do with styling, waving, and layering to make it blend. It’s best to go with a realistic length in comparison to your own hair.

Yes, because ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair solutions are 100% Remy Human Hair. You can curl or straighten your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair as you wish. However, we do recommend treating it like your own hair by not using very high heat while styling it.

The wire is transparent, therefore virtually undetectable! Especially after a layer of your own hair has been pulled out from underneath.

If you are confident in picking out your own colour, just remember to go for the colour on your ends; it’s the part you want to blend with the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair, so it makes sense for those colours to match. If you get it wrong, no worries. We offer full refunds on unused ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair within 14 days, so you can be sure you’ll find your personal solution one way or another.

Yes. Send us 2-3 photos of the hair you’re trying to match under good lighting - though not direct sunlight - capturing the full length of your hair, including your roots and ends. From that we’ll be able to let you know your best match.

After removing it from the box, hold the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair to the ends of your own hair - since the ASHLYNN BRAID® will be sitting underneath the bottom region of your natural hair - so the important thing is for your ends to blend will with the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair.

Generally going two shades darker is not a problem, but we recommend always doing a test strand first, as the extensions will absorb colour faster than normal hair. We advise against lightening ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair in any way, because the hair has already been colouring processed. Just as bleaching agents may cause damage to your own natural hair, it can severely damage the extensions. It’s best to seek professional assistance as we cannot guarantee results or be held responsible for any failed colour attempts. Please note: ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair should not be bleached.

Absolutely. For best blending results, we recommend you match your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair to the lighter of the two colours. Otherwise, we also offer a few mixed coloured ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair options.

ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair is 100% natural. All our extensions are made of European textured 100% Remy Human Hair. This means it’s soft, long-lasting, and looks natural. It also means you can treat it like your own hair and treat it with hot styling tools.

Use a salon quality, sulphate-free shampoo and wash ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair with cold water. Use a salon quality conditioner and rinse the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair thoroughly with cold water. Do not rub, twist, or squeeze your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair too hard. Treat it gently. Only gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with towel. Try not to bend and twist while drying. Gently comb the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair starting from the ends, keeping the pressure of the wet area. Using a wide toothcomb. Do not use a hair dryer to dry the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair. Hang your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair rather on a small hanger and let air-dry. Style (curl, flat iron) the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair - comfy on a hanger - as you desire after it is completely dry. Hairspray and serum are fine to use with your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair. Keep in mind that your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair does not require a lot of product cause although it is natural hair it has already been treated to last for months.

Not too often, once or twice every 3 months should suffice. This is because the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair isn’t stuck in your hair permanently, like other extensions, thus they’re not as dirty or exposed as often. Though, naturally, that time frame depends on how often you wear your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair and how many products you apply. For example, using more product means things like dust will more readily to stick to your hair, making it dirtier, quicker. Keep in mind that every time you wash your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair, you strip the soft silicone coating that protects your hair and keeps it soft.