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Eyeliner for beginners!

Have you been trying to create the perfect cat eye but it does not look like how you imagined it? Let us introduce you to a couple of eyeliner tricks for beginners, this way you can become a true master!

You’ve probably seen the newest family member of our brand, Ashlynn Braid Eyelashes, so you’ve also seen how easy it is to apply them with the Ashlynn Braid Fix Eyeliner. However, you may be worried, if you can’t draw the perfect eyeliner, then maybe the end-result won’t be as smashing? Don’t worry, as the transparent version was invented for those who aren’t so confident in using our magic black eyeliner. On the other hand, if you still want a spectacular line with the black version, all you have to do is complete our quick-start ink-master training!

Black Ashlynn Braid Eyeliner Glue

Task 1: Measure the terrain!

The most important thing about using eyeliner is to experiment with the shape and thickness that best fits your eye. Put a brush (for example, an eyeshadow or eyebrow brush will be perfect) in front of your eyes lengthwise like so:

  • if the inner corner of your eye is higher than the outer corner of your eye, you need to make the line thicker towards the end of your eye.
  • if your eyes are sitting closer to each other – don’t draw a line in the utmost inner corner of your eye.

Task 2: Start with dots!

It’s best to start practicing with a dotting method, it’ll be easier to get the hang of it this way. First, draw a dot where you want your eyeliner to end: use your imagination to extend the line from your lower waterline. Then, mark the point where the line meets the top row of lashes with a dot. Finally, proceed carefully to connect the dots and fill in the resulting triangle.

Task 3: Step-by-step only

If you don’t want to bother with dots, try this trick: use a thin eyeliner, which can be brown or black, to draw the tail of the line. With the eyeliner, start moving from the inside out, and it’s okay to draw several tiny lines. Even the pros do the same sometimes because creating a smooth line with a single motion can be difficult.

drawing eyeliner with tape's help, great tip for beginners

Task 4: Time for the props!

Do you feel like your hands are shaking? No problem! Feel free to use different aids, such as tape or a plastic card:

  • use a small piece of tape and put it to the edge of your eye, adjust it depending on how high you want the tail to be.
  • draw a thin line alongside the tape.
  • draw the body by following your lashes and the shape of your eye.
  • take off the tape and look at the end result. If you want a thicker line, fill the area around the corner of your eye a little more.

Task 5: Don’t pull your skin!

You will inadvertently want to pull your eyelids away when you draw the line, but don’t do this because when you “let go” of your skin, the tail will also wrinkle. The easiest way to work is to tilt your head back a little and look down. And it’s also good to support your hand because that way you can draw a more precise line.

Task 6: No gaps!

end result of finished eyeliner for beginners

The most common mistake that occurs is to leaving blank areas between the eyeliner and your eyelashes. You can avoid this by filling in your waterline with an eyeliner pencil first. But, you can also make sure to get into this blank lane as you draw your eyeliner.

Task 7: No panic!

Even if you have ruined your makeup, don’t start correcting it, thickening it. Instead, dip a cotton swab in some makeup remover, squeeze off any excess, and wipe it off where you made the mistake, then start again.

Watch our Youtube videos to see how easy it is to use Ashlynn Braid Eyelashes with our Fix Eyeliner!

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