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1. When and how can I ask for an exchange or refund?

You can exchange your order or get a refund for it within 14 (fourteen) days of purchasing.

If you would like to make a return or exchange, contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you promptly.

We want you to be happy with ASHLYNN BRAID® products so we will try to find a good solution for you.

2. How do I make a return?

After notifying us about wanting to exchange or send back your ASHLYNN BRAID® product, you can ship the product back to us.

If there is a postal fee, the returnee pays for it. We don’t take back C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) packages.

3. Can I return my order if I have opened the package?

We can only accept a returned item if nothing is missing from the package, and the content is unharmed. ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair and ASHLYNN BRAID® will only be taken back if they have not been opened. In the case of the hair, an unbroken safety seal is also required. So, if the safety seal is missing, or the circumstances indicate the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair has been worn or used in any other way, we cannot take it back.

4. How can I make an exchange or get a refund?

Once we have received your return package, we will check if there are any missing items, if the safety seal is still intact, and if the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair has been worn in any way before; only then can a refund or exchange be issued. We reserve the right to deny refunds or exchanges. If the package doesn’t meet the above requirements, they will be returned back to you. We will let you know by e-mail if your item has been accepted for a refund or exchange. If it’s an exchange, we’ll make sure the right product gets shipped to you, and if it’s a return we’ll refund the price of your ASHLYNN BRAID® product through the original payment method.

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