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How to lengthen the life span of your Hair Extension | Part 2

In last week’s blog we talked about how to store and brush Ashlynn Braid Hair to avoid tangles. Here are now some ideas on how to extend the lifespan of Ashlynn Braid Hair.

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1. How to prevent the hair from falling out?

Just like with our own hair, hair from hair extensions fall out as well while brushing, styling or washing, but with the right care we can minimize the fallout. For example, not brushing it while it’s wet is a big help in keeping the volume of your hair extension. Don’t forget that dry and damaged hair falls out faster, so be sure to use the right amount of hair conditioner, and remember not to overuse hair styling products, most importantly don’t use hot styling tools on a too high-temperature setting.

different types of hair care products

2. What kind of hair products should you use?

Let’s start with what you definitely should not use. Don’t use a product that contains sulfate or alcohol. The products that contain these ingredients strip the natural oils, makes the hair frizzy, dry, and tangled, resulting in a significantly shorter lifespan. Always check the components of the shampoo or hair conditioner to make sure you only apply sulfate- and alcohol-free products. 

The hair products you SHOULD use, are ones that contain natural oils like coconut, argan, and or castor oil. Unlike our natural hair, hair extensions have no other way of generating oil, so shampoo and hair conditioner is their only source of hydration. That is why you should use products which contain those natural oils mentioned above.

washing your halo hair extension

3. How and how often should you wash your hair extensions?

We can extend the lifespan of our hair extensions if we only wash them when it is truly necessary. In this case, less is definitely more. But how often is that? The answer is once every 2-3 months. This might sound odd at first, but if we think about it, how often do we wash our hats, beanies or caps? The frequency also depends on how often you wear your hair extension (every day or only on some occasions), how often you style it with products (hair spray, hair gel etc.). When it starts to get hard to style it the way you want, it is a sign you should give it a nice and thorough hydrating wash. 

Before you wash it make sure to brush through it, and use cold or lukewarm water. After it’s completely wet, use a proper shampoo with careful small circular moves from the roots to the end, making sure not to tangle it. Then wash it out with water and repeat the process. Now it’s time for the hair conditioner, and don’t be afraid to use slightly more than usual. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes then thoroughly wash the conditioner out as well. Don’t rub the wet hair extension, only squeeze the excess water out carefully, then use a microfiber towel to pat out the hair. Don’t brush the wet hair!

air dried brown hair extension

4. How to dry and style your hair extension?

Take the wet hair extension and hang it up on a small hanger, and let it dry completely. Don’t be alarmed after it’s dry, it is supposed to be a little wavy. After it’s completely dry, brush through it carefully. 

using hot styling tools on your halo hair extension

Now you may use hot styling tools to straighten or curl it just like you would your own hair but pay attention to not use a too high-temperature setting, because of potential damages and the danger to dry out the hair extension – you would not do this to your own hair either. If you use hot styling tools often, then make sure to use a heat protection spray. Use hair products (hair spray, hair gel etc.) with moderation. Good quality hair extensions hold curls very well, so they don’t really need these products, especially not in large quantities.

If you pay a little attention and follow these tips consciously, with a good product you can considerably extend your “ return on investment – lifespan”. It’s worth paying attention to these details to make sure you can enjoy your hair for the longest time possible. 

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