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What to do if you can’t go to the hairdresser during the quarantine

Many of us are working from home and taking part in video conferences, where we can’t stay in our comfortable pyjamas drinking coffee out of our mug because we’re still expected to take part as if we were in the office. Of course, we aren’t always happy about this, but at least it keeps us from going insane.

Due to the restrictions introduced with quarantine and lockdown measures, many shops had to close including beauty and hair salons, preventing us from getting our hair done. There are so many videos on the internet, showing how creative women can get with their hair routines, usually done by beauty experts for them. Starting with nail polishing to hair dyeing and hair cutting, you can find all sorts of videos on the infinitely large web. However, not all of us are as capable as those professionals and we see a plethora of videos of haircuts and treatments gone wrong or at least other than expected. We’ve heard many complaints, about ruined do it yourself hair dyeing at home, or trying a new hairstyle and cutting a little too much and regretting it right afterwards.

Nevertheless, what can we do in a situation like this, when we still want to look our best?
Don’t worry; we have a great idea. What is it – you ask? We’ve already introduced it in our previous blogs, showing you why this hair extension excels compared to the other traditional ones, Ashlynn Braid Halo Hair.

Halo Hair extensions are the easiest and fastest hair extension around that you can apply professionally by yourself.

Woke up late to your online meeting? Don’t worry, you can pop this baby on in just a couple seconds and no one will notice it either because this hair extension is invisible to the eye. It magically creates an unbelievable hairstyle without damaging your hair and doesn’t require glue, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals burning your hair either. You can use it undoubtedly even if you want thicker hair because your hair is thinning. Ashlynn Braid Halo Hair Extension is made out of 100% premium human hair, which results in the most natural look by blending with your hair. You can use styling tools as well, but be careful with the heat; you don’t want to burn it just like how you wouldn’t want to burn your hair either.

If you’re not sure about the color we’ll help you choose the right one that suits you best. There are 2 lengths available you can choose from, this way blending the hair extension smoothly with your own locks.

Ordering is easy as well; order it from the website and the delivery courier will get it to you in no time!
When it arrives, you have nothing else to do except try it on, so you can enjoy it every day, and get flawless hair for all your online meetings.

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