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Choose lashes according to your eye shape!

Not sure which one of our eyelashes fits you best? Let us help! In this article, we’ll help you choose perfect lashes according to your eye shape. As a first step, determine what your eye shape is so you can find the ideal style.

abigail műszempilla a szemformádhoz


You’re really lucky, and we’re sure everyone praises you for your baby eyes. Since your eyes are already quite accentuated and big, you don’t need to further enhance the effect. Instead, the only thing is to toss it up a bit, so choose a shape where the longer strands fall in the middle while the shorter ones in the inner and outer corners of the eye.

What suits you best: Abigail

Deep sitting

The cheekbones and eyebrows protrude more, so we call this deep-sitting. If this is the case with you, then the goal is to “lift” your eyes a little from here and make your eyes more open. Longer lashes will get the job done.

What suits you best: Audrey és Abigail

alice lashes according to eye shape

Sitting close

Do you feel like your eyes are sitting too close to each other? No worries! With a well-chosen lash shape, you can create an easy optical illusion. Look for a style where the lashes are smaller in the corner of your eye and longer outwards, making your eyes seem more optically open.

What suits you best: Alice

Sitting far

If the situation is the exact opposite of the previous shape, then the main goal is to make them seem closer optically. All-natural styles fit, or those where the lashes are more accentuated in the middle.

What suits you best: Amelia

audrey lashes according to eye shape

Hidden eyes

It’s also called a hooded eye, and perhaps most of us fall into this group when the skin sags a bit on the upper eyelid. Look for lashes that are curly and long.

What suits you best: Audrey

Curving down

With this type, the outer corner of the eye rounds down, which can make us look a little sad. So try to choose lashes which lift them up. If the lashes are longer on the outside, it will divert attention upwards.

What suits you best: Alice

amelia műszempilla a szemformádhoz


This is the ideal eye shape, which is a little narrower at the edges, wider in the middle, and the moving eyelid and the area under the eyebrows are also high enough. If you belong here, you’re really lucky, as even the most dramatic lashes look great on you.

What suits you best: Audrey and Amelia


Anyone with a slightly cut eye shape will not see the moving eyelid as much, but the eyebrows will usually sit higher. Therefore, the best solution is to choose longer lashes that are more pronounced at the outer corner of the eyes.

What suits you best: Alice

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