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Winter resistant hairstyles

Does your hat or cap make your hair flat or even get greasy faster, or does it simply destroy your hairstyle? Follow some tips to make your hair look perfect even in the tough winter weather! These are our winter resistant hairstyles!

winter resistant hairstyle, wavy hair

Against flat hair

Did you do your hair in the morning just to find out you did it all in vain? The second you step onto the street, humidity and wet weather hits you ruining all your hard work? Or do you hate wearing a hat or cap because it flattens your locks giving you the dreaded helmet-shaped hair? Forget the fury: during winter try to use hair products that provide volume and hold. This can be shampoo, conditioner, mousse, or hairspray. And for forming, some kind of root lifter is best, which you can even keep in your bag if you need some touch-ups throughout the day.

Goodbye, bloating!

No, we aren’t thinking about that post-dinner bloating, but the unmanageable locks. Especially those amongst us who have troubles keeping their hair down!  Spending time blowing out or straightening your hair, just for it to become puffy and frizzy from the weather is a horrible feeling. This is usually experienced by those who have thick hair or wavy/curly hair. Moisture-repellent products are becoming popular, which you shouldn’t only apply in the summer but also during the cold season. However, hair straightening products, serums, or stay-in products can work like a charm.


When it’s below freezing point out there, then be careful not to overuse your gel or hair spray, these products will freeze your hair strands and may damage them! Try using gentler products like mousse.

a loose ponytail to beat the winter weather

Loosen up

As we wrote in an earlier article, your hairstyle needs attention and care during the winter. So try simple hairstyles, which may protect your hair too. If you have naturally wavy hair, why not highlight those curls. If you have straight hair, try a side part, your hair will look cuter under a hat this way. Nevertheless, the best is probably a loose ponytail or braid, which won’t get ruined in the biggest winds or the occasional snowball fight!

Tip: Even hats look better when rich and long strands can be seen underneath them. That’s why it’s time to try ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair extension for the perfect winter TikTok/Instagram!

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