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Here are the latest fake eyelashes you’ve always wanted!

Do you want your gaze to be dramatic, but you are bothered by the glue constantly ruining your lashes? Well, Ashlynn Braid provides you with a new and super-easy solution!

The ASHLYNN BRAID® team is constantly working toward surprising you with revolutionary innovations that will make your life easier, as our mission states! There’s a new addition to our product family, this too will make you feel more confident while saving time! Who wouldn’t want thick and long lashes? Unfortunately, not everyone has been blessed with this natural beauty, so we have to add a little extra, to reach the same results.


gir applying mascara


These days it’s hard to choose from the plethora of enriching, lengthening, arching, and extreme impact versions of mascara. Moreover, you may come across primers, which when applied to the lashes, have a spectacular effect. Plus, they can be used easily and quickly and then washed whenever.


Unfortunately, they do not bring about radical change. After all, they can promise any enriching or lengthening effect, your lashes will not be much richer and longer than their original and natural self.

Adhesive false eyelashes


It’s the perfect choice for a special event or party, and you can opt for natural-looking ones or even quite extreme styles and lengths. If you are experienced in gluing and you’ve found the ideal set, the result can be very nice.


If your dexterity is not as good, you can’t put the tufted versions in place so nicely, and it’s not such an easy task. Applying the strip version isn’t always easy either, because if you put too much glue on it, it will slip, if you put too little, the edge will come off and you can start all over again. Not to mention that you also have to wait for the glue to dry and become sticky before you put the lashes in place. It may also ruin your whole makeup if dried on your eyelid and turned white-ish.

Eyelash extensions

closeup picure of curled lashes


In recent years, a lot of people have chosen eyelash extensions, of which there is an endless number of techniques and even 10D versions. The number of Ds indicates how many pieces of fake eyelash strands are placed onto one piece of your own. They may be of different lengths and thicknesses, this way everyone can customize their own look. You can look perfect for up to weeks, and you don’t have to mess around with curling your lashes every day, or gluing lashes on for the individual occasion, as your eyelashes will look great every damn day.


It’s not that much fun to go to the salon every 3-4 weeks and lie there for several hours until they’re refilled. Plus, it’s not only time consuming, but it can be quite expensive. Not to mention the probability to do it wrong. So if you do get them done, you need to watch out during sport, visiting the sauna, and you should even reconsider rubbing that dream out of your eyes in the morning, or, God forbid, tearing up during a romantic movie because your lashes don’t exactly like tears. However, the biggest concern of them all is the long-term effect. Lash extensions damage your eyelashes, they may become fragmented and thinner. Trust us, it takes a long, long time to get your natural lashes back to the state they were after the damage is done.

Eyelash curling

eyelash lifting


Those who aren’t passionate proponents of the aforementioned solution, or just can’t get lash extensions, may want to try eyelash curling. It can be done even on very short or straight lashes, and it’s a quick procedure, after which you can enjoy up to 4-6 weeks of nicely curled lashes.


Although your lashes curl up wonderfully and the result is natural, it doesn’t help with the length and density, unfortunately. Plus, it’s time-consuming as it takes at least 45-50 minutes. Not to mention you still have to use mascara if you want that characteristic effect.

But here’s our surprise!

Ashlynn Braid introduces eyelashes that are infinitely easy to apply and look spectacular! All you need to do is draw a thin line using our transparent or black eyeliner on your eyelid where you want the lashes to go. This special eyeliner acts as a kind of magic glue, with which you attach the lashes. Don’t be scared if you don’t know how to draw the perfect eyeliner line, because we have a transparent version. Forget about messing around with sticky unpleasant glue. Your new lashes stay in place all day, no matter how hectic your day, they will look perfect. The icing on the cake is: you don’t have to throw them away after using them once, as you can use them multiple times! We can’t wait for you to try them out yourself! Check out our website for more!

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