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Are you sure, you’re washing your hair correctly?

At first, you’re probably surprised by this question, because how could you possibly wash your hair incorrectly? The truth is, pretty much everything! We’ll tell you what to look for if you want a healthy and wonderful head of hair!

1st mistake: You don’t shampoo well

“Oh, no, I have to wash my hair again!” – yes, we know, washing hair is a real problem for us too, because we are tired, we don’t have time for anything, so we would like to get it over within just two minutes. Here is where we make one of the biggest mistakes, by just shampooing our hair and rinsing it off to finish as fast as possible.


If you’ve already persuaded yourself to wash your hair, then actually take the time to do it. First, use a dollop of shampoo, which is to get the dirty stuff out of your hair. But it won’t be completely clean yet! You also need a second round of shampoo to get the perfect result. You’ll also be able to feel the shampoo foaming more easily.

2nd mistake: You aren’t cleaning it properly

shampooing hair

It’s not enough to just apply shampoo, rub it in a little, rinse with water then move on. If your hair isn’t clean enough or your scalp is left out, your hair will get greasier faster, so you need to wash it even more often, leading you to a vicious never-ending cycle of almost constant greasy hair.


Make sure you also shampoo your scalp. You’ve probably seen your hairdresser use a squeezy tube to disperse the shampoo on your hair. You can apply this same trick at home because it’ll make it easier for you to spread the shampoo on your hair follicles. This technique is especially recommended for those with rich and curly hair, as for them this is job is twice as hard. Thoroughly massage your scalp while washing, because it can even help with hair growth:

washing Ashlynn Braid Hair

3rd mistake: Wrong order

Would you like to put on a hair mask or hair wrap? Chances are you always leave this to be the last step when in reality you should finish with conditioner!


If you use a deeply nourishing product as an extra step, the conditioner should always come after it, because it will help seal the cuticles and make your hair look well-groomed. Exceptions for when you use a leave-in product that stays in your hair, then make sure that that is the last step.

stacked towels

4th mistake: You misuse the towel

You’re doing it wrong if after your shower you grab your towel and rub it through your hair and scalp. This is actually several mistakes in one: the strong friction damages the cuticles, this is when they’re the most vulnerable, by rubbing your hair you also tangle it. This way, you’re only dispersing the remaining dirt and fats to the rest of your hair.


Squeeze out the excess water, but don’t make twist your hair while doing it, and just gently wrap a towel around it to absorb the excess water. If you’re making a turban, make sure it’s not too tight, you don’t want to damage the strands.

5th mistake: You don’t leave any time!

Many people attack their wet hair with combs, brushes, or hairdryers. If we start pulling on our wet hair with a comb, it can easily stretch and even tear, while hot air can damage its structure.


It’s best to leave the towel on our hair for a few minutes. Until then, put on a face wrap, a nourishing cream, or sip a cup of tea or coffee. The more water the towel absorbs, the better. Then start combing your hair from the bottom of the strands with a rare toothcomb or a tangle-teezer. Last but not least, try using a leave-in conditioner or some product, which facilitates drying. Finally, you can start drying!


Don’t only do this with your own hair, make sure your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair extension gets the same care and caution since it is just as vulnerable!

It will appreciate the care and this way it can have a long, happy life

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