Haircare in the cold

Not only do we need to prepare for this season with warm clothes, but our locks also need a whole different kind of care. We’ll tell you what to pay attention to!

Oh no, how lifeless!

You almost don’t like to touch your hair because it’s so disturbing that it explodes and the shine is completely lost? That’s right, summer isn’t the only season where your hair can dry out: then the heat and sun are a problem, but now it’s losing moisture due to the alternation of wind, rain, heated rooms, and the cold outside. So it’s time to switch to hair care products to extra-nourishing ones that contain natural oils. Try using these: It’s also worth trying the leave-in products, which don’t need to be rinsed out, they almost embrace and protect the individual hair strands.

No! Why is it so shiny?

Lifeless strands aren’t the only annoying thing, but your hair may now become more greasy. This happens because your scalp responds to dryness with excessive sebum production. Instead of washing it more often or using products that are specifically for oily hair, try moisturizing and richly nourishing products.

Forget the hot stuff!

In this cold weather, there’s nothing better than taking a hot bath, and you’d rather wash your hair in water that scorches. However, this will only make the situation worse and dry your hair even further. Instead, try switching to lukewarm water, and don’t forget the heat protecting spray when drying it. Sometimes we only dry our hair halfway in the summer, but now it shouldn’t be left wet at all. So it’s best to wash your hair in the evening or time your routine in the morning so you leave with completely dry hair.

Goodbye, hair loss!

In the cold, the blood vessels on the scalp constrict and the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles also decreases. Because of this, the hairs can even become thinner and even fall out in the worst case. It can help to thoroughly massage your scalp when washing your hair and then use nourishing and soothing hair masks. In addition to that, you need to make sure you have the right nutrient intake, which you can achieve not only with various vegetables and fruits but also with beauty vitamins, which you may have read about in a previous article:


Not only do you need to protect your locks from dehydration and falling, but also your ASHLYNN BRAID® Halo Hair Extension. Your halo hair will be very grateful for the natural oils, and that is how you shine with your perfect hair even in the cold!

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