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Beauty Tips for Halloween

Do you love to dress up parties too? Even if you won’t have a large-scale Halloween party this year, it’s still worth making at least one makeup or hairstyle that fits the holiday! Here are our beauty tips for this year’s Halloween.

halloween hair and makeup tips

Spider theme

It’s time to defeat your arachnophobia and even make friends with them! All you have to do is paint a spider web on your face with a liquid or pencil eyeliner. For example, under your eye or on your temple. The black colour should also appear on your lips, for example, you can make an ombre lip makeup in which red also dominates.

If you do choose this costume, definitely don’t forget the wonderful braid! It looks best when you curl your hair and only braid a small strand. This way you can become a real spider woman and easily spin your chosen one in!

Miss vampire

You will only need a blood-red lipstick for this makeup, but if you are bold enough, you can go with deep burgundy or even midnight black. However, if you want to make your look extra special, use red eyeliner instead of the usual black. You can frame your eyes with a burgundy eyeshadow too.

When you think of vampires, then perfectly straight hair comes to mind, so use a hair straightener and run it through your hair, which you can even pimp up with a red or black headband. Or, you can make an extra high ponytail to make your look even more elegant. Last but not least, all you need is some fake blood and vampire teeth and your perfect costume is ready.

beautiful halloween hair and makeup inspiration

Spooky seduction

Do you want a little more unusual, mystical makeup? Then use metallic, shiny, iridescent face paints. For example, get a silvery or purple shade on your eyelids, and some unusual colour on your lips that you wouldn’t use on a weekday, such as silver or purple again. Don’t forget the highlighter and feel free to overdo it!

Make soft-falling curls that frame your face nicely, but even a loose bun can be cool, especially if you hold your braid with metallic scrunchies.

Poison kiss

Hunt for a very special dark green lipstick, but if you have an eyeliner that will do too. Also, you can get a bold, glittery eyeshadow on your eyelids, and put on extreme false eyelashes.

Wild makeup should be paired with a wild lion mane, try using a diffuser hair dryer or making smaller curls. The point is to make your hairstyle as thick as possible, and it doesn’t matter if the end result is a bit tangled. But you can even crown the outfit with a special Halloween hairband.


If you use ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair extensions to create your hairstyles, the end result will be even more spectacular!

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