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Goodbye thin hair!

You do not know what to do with your thin hair or thinning? No problem, our professional tricks will help make your hairstyle look thicker instantly. Read till the end to say “goodbye thin hair” for good!

The perfect supply

conditioned hair to make it less thin

The first and most important step is to choose the right product for your hair type; try choosing from products that have an enriching effect specifically for thin hair. They strengthen the structure of the hair, energizing the strands and scalp. Also, make sure you hydrate and nourish your hair thoroughly because if the strands are healthy, your job will be much easier. In the case of sparse hair, things are a bit more difficult because here the structure of the hair is weaker and the underlying problem may be due to genetics. But even if that’s the case, nothing is impossible! Try looking for professional products that increase hair density and stimulate hair growth. There are also super ampoule treatments that need to be massaged into the scalp. They are effective because they contain absorbed vitamins and active ingredients in a concentrated form that help strengthen the hair.

giving wavy texture to hair to make it seem less thin

Shaping tricks

You don’t have to just dream about beautiful hairstyles, since you can recreate them. As long as these structure-strengthening and hydrating products do their job. Once your hair is towel dry, try using a texture spray like a sea salt spray. These texture sprays give your hair some volume, so it will be easier for you to work with. Before drying your hair, use a root-lifting spray, which we guarantee will become one of your best friends. Actually, there are some sprays that have 2 in 1 volumizing and root-lifting effects! Last but not least, choose a hair mousse or spray that is very light in texture and does not make your hair heavier. Use a thick hairbrush throughout the whole procedure, you can read about this in an article we wrote earlier.

dry shampooing hair

Washing advice

Do you want to wash your hair every day because it feels flat and lifeless almost like a hat? Well, don’t do it! Because frequent hair washing will only make your hair get greasier faster. The best solution against this is to use dry shampoo, and it has a volumizing version too. When it does come to hair wash day, make sure to massage your scalp thoroughly, or even use a scalp eraser to help hair growth.


A good hairstyle will also make your hair look thicker, like cutting a cool long bob style, possibly even bangs. However, just making a deep parting, creating a high bun or putting some light waves in it will do too. Nevertheless, nothing can beat our top secret with which you can definitely say goodbye to thin hair with, which is Ashlynn Braid® Hair!

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