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What kind of hairbrush suits you?

Are you wondering what kind of comb or hairbrush is the best for you? The length and thickness of your hair will determine that. Read our article and find the perfect hairbrush for you!

For shorter strands – strong round brushes

If your hair is not that long, it may be best to choose a round brush with a smaller diameter, as this will make styling very easy. Denser versions are more effective because they let the hairs slip out while striking them better.

For curly hairstyles – rare tooth combs

Is your hairstyle wavy or quite curly? Then I bet one of your biggest problems is all the frizz from brushing it. If you want to avoid that, it may be best to choose a strong comb, may be made of wood even.

oval hairbrush perfect for medium length hair

For medium length hair – oval hairbrushes

Oval hairbrushes are the jack of all trades because they are ideal for both short and medium hair lengths, so it is no coincidence that this is chosen the most often. They are super at detangling the strands and also a proper tool to use while straightening our hair with a hairdryer.

For the long mane – flat brushes

There is nothing more beautiful than mirror-smooth, silky, shiny hair. To achieve this, it is essential that the outer layer of the hair, i.e. the cuticles, stay nicely sealed during drying. The best tool for this is a flat brush with a rectangular shape. This will make our hair smooth and straight.

For thin hair – thick hairbrushes

Unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with a magnificent mane, but there is nothing to worry about! With a convex-shaped dense hairbrush, you can add volume to your hairstyle. Besides, it also helps lift the hair follicles to give an even richer effect.

For “vulnerable” hair – ventilated hairbrushes

There are brushes with tiny holes and vents on their heads. This is good because it allows air to free-flow. That is your go-to model if your hair is easily damaged by heat cause they will become less hot. Moreover, it gives a rich and dense effect.

special detangle brush

For detangling and care – special detangle-brushes

I’m sure you’ve also come across these plastic convex hairbrushes that fit almost perfectly in your hand. The big advantage of these specially designed hairbrushes is that they have shorter and longer alternating bristles, so they perform more functions: the longer bristles detangle your hair making the process painless and minimizing hair fragmentation. The shorter bristles help finely polishing the strands making the hair both brighter and healthier.

For perfect results – wild boar fur and ceramic material brushes

Many times the question arises as to whether it is worth replacing the cheaper, plastic, or nylon bristle hairbrush with slightly more expensive fur brushes? The answer is yes, because it is very gentle on the hair, meaning there will be fewer broken strands. It also helps to disperse the natural fats on the scalp throughout your hair, making it brighter and smoother AND you are helping our planet as well.

The downside is that it is a little harder to work using them and requires cleaning once a week. A smart solution is to choose a combination brush that mixes wild boar bristles with plastic bristles because they are cheaper but just as professionally effective. Ceramic brushes: their whole point is not to heat up like plastic, so they protect the hair.


Your perfect hairbrush or a comb needs cleaning!

The comb and hairbrush should be cleaned once a month. Remove fallout from the hairbrush with a fishtail comb, then place it in baking soda or shampoo water for an entire evening.

Perfect hair brush for your hair-extensions

Not only your own hair but your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair extension would also appreciate a good comb through with a quality hairbrush. You can read more about this in an earlier post.

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