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Let us “grow out” our hair lightning fast!

Do you want to boast long and rich locks by the end of autumn? With some of our tips, you may achieve it! Let’s grow out our hair fast!

blonde woman wearing Ashlynn Braid Hair extensions

The tips are always the question

„Get a trim for the end tips to make your hair grow faster!” – Isn’t that what we always hear when we talk about growing our hair out? But is this just a myth or is it worth asking our hairdresser to pull out his/her scissors? Experts say we should imagine our hair as if it were a tree. If the ends of the twigs begin to dry out, it can affect the whole tree, that is, if the ends of the strands are fragmented or split. It is worth getting rid of those parts because the damage can “spread” further. Therefore, it is best to cut about an inch from the ends every two to three months.


If you want to avoid the scissor solution, you should also pay extra attention to grooming the ends of your hair. For example with hair care products, especially the oily ones that nourish.

getting a massage at the hair salon to grow out hair faster

Massage up!

In a previous post, we wrote about the need to care not only for our hair but also for the scalp. This is important for hair growth because if we get rid of dead epithelial cells and impurities, the hair follicles get more oxygen, blood circulation improves, and therefore it accelerates growth. When washing your hair, take the time to always massage your scalp thoroughly. Try not to miss a single inch, as this will also improve blood circulation.

Need some recovery time?!

How often do you wash your hair? No matter how flattened or greasy you feel, it is better not to do it every day, because it slows down the growth. Washing it constantly removes the natural fats that are found on the scalp, which have moisturizing effects your strands need. In addition to that, too much drying and shaping can be detrimental, so it’s a good idea to take a break from time to time. Just like how a loose ponytail is better than one that’s too tight, maybe you should consider getting a cool scrunchie!

vitamins and citrus fruits to grow out hair faster

Reinforcements from the inside and out

Today, you can find several special hair care products in drugstores that are made specifically for those who want long hair. These products contain natural oils and vitamins that deeply nourish the strands. You should also pay attention to see if they contain B vitamins, biotin, and zinc. However, you can do this from the inside too. By that, we mean smuggling these into your diet.


Follow these tips to accelerate the growth of your hair. It will also be stronger and richer, and your ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair Extensions will complement it perfectly!

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