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Let’s fix the summer hair damage!

The last few months may have damaged our hair a little, so it doesn’t hurt to breathe new life into our locks so we can welcome autumn with a wonderful crown of hair! Let’s fix the damages summer has done to our hair!

ginger haired girl by the pool in the summer

1. Summer hair damage: Dried strands

Does your hair feel like a dry haystack sometimes? It’s splitting annoyingly, and as it doesn’t hold at all? Although we hope you have taken our advice and paid attention to proper summer hair care, even with those top tips, a lot of sunshine, wind, chlorinated water or salty water and the sand can completely dry out your locks.


It’s time for a restorative beauty program! For this occasion, choose a shampoo and conditioner that helps with extra damaged hair, and then you may add a nutrient-rich mask that can even be left in overnight. Or, you can even apply a homemade mask, remember our multiple recipes. But you should definitely try a special hair treatment, rich in active ingredients, effective within a few minutes. However, you can find several types of masks in drugstores, which your hair will be just grateful for!

Lake balaton with girls and champagne, fixing summer hair damages

2. Summer hair damage: Fragmented and split hair ends

Your first thought is to call your hairdresser ASAP and get a couple of inches cut off, isn’t it? Don’t rush! The ends of your hair break down more easily due to dehydration, but the problem is not irreparable.


It’s time to find those oily hair care products. Try using argan, sesame, pumpkin seed, or jojoba oil. Put a little in the palm of your hand and smooth it out at the ends of your hair.

Black haired girl sailing on lake balaton, no damaged hair

3. Summer hair damage: Lifeless hair color

Due to a significant amount of sunshine, your hair may have lost its original color and it may not be as shiny anymore. This does not mean that the only solution is to get it dyed again. You can potentially regain the shine of your hair crown in a short matter of time.


Not only are the different nutritious oils helpful against split ends and fragmentation, but they may be a solution for this problem too. You should look for products that give light and shine to the hair strands. Besides, shampoos and conditioners that protect and brighten the hair colour are also effective.

Baywatch lifeguard! Sailing on lake balaton with perfect hair

4. Summer hair damage: Dandruff and an itchy scalp

If you find yourself with a little tingling in your scalp and poking more often, or seeing pieces of dandruff, don’t be scared! In the summer, not only your hair but also your scalp can dry out due to heat and humidity.


In an earlier post, we wrote about the need to take care of your hair, but also the scalp. More and more brands are coming up with scalp serums and cleansers. However, giving your scalp a thorough massage when you wash your hair can be enough too, but make sure not to rub too hard.

Extra tips:

Gentle mode

In the upcoming months, treat your locks a little more carefully. For example, when washing your hair, rinse with lukewarm water instead. Choose a softer comb or brush. Instead of tight braids, now vote for a loose ponytail and relax your curling iron a bit too. This way the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair extension will look awesome on you too!

Check out our youtube if you want some hair inspiration!

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