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My personal story with ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair

I grew up always wanting to have different hair. Having had curly thick hair from as long as I can remember, I always envied the other girls, who could style and braid and dye their hair in whatever shape and form they wanted, whereas my standard hair program was straightening for hours and then being exposed to humidity and being disappointed that it did not last.

I later learned from my first real girlfriends that the envy was reciprocal which surprised me to the max. They envied me for my unruly and wild mane, telling me how much they would love my care free hairstyle.

How I would have loved to know in my early days what I know now about hair and curly hair in particular.

First the surprising fact number one is, that the nature of curly hair is that it is dry. The hair treatment of bleaching makes your hair even dryer. As a result it should not have been surprising for me that when I started to experiment with color and bleaching my hair became superdry and got drastically weaker and more susceptible to damage. 

Anyone bleaching their hair blonde should consider that drying effect of bleaching. Those of you, who have curly hair by nature should be even more conscious of that fact. 

Realizing that I sacrificed my genetically strong, healthy curly hair for the sake of having brown highlights was a harsh reality. 

I really love brown highlights, but I love having thick, long hair even more. 

To be honest my hair is still growing, but upon thorough inspection the top layers of my hair had suffered and thinned out a bit.

The lengths I can still get, but the truth is that the ends are really thinning too.

I have two hearts in my chest now because I still really want to be able to change my hairstyle how I feel, whether it’s being brown highlights or updos or braids but I also want healthy thickness length and cool volume. Maybe my hairdresser will want to bleach again and blend the brown and my dark roots with a soft ombre balayage, the results may well be more breakage or damage in the long run. So the dilemma is obvious – too many desires but where is the solution?

The solution for me turned out to be Ashlynn Braid Hair. I was asked to participate in a photoshoot and was reluctant first, as the product was extensions! I definitely did not want more damage to my stressed hair. I saw the product and checked some of their YouTube videos and got hooked. It looked so easy to put on and off. This was what I was looking for all along and here it is available all of a sudden. People say things happen for a reason and I start slowly believing it myself. The photoshoot went well and the icing on the cake was a special offer to get my own Ashlynn Braid Hair. And here I am, my plan for the next months is to get regular trims not only at the ends but also on top to get my natural thickness back.

Colour-wise I will stay on the ombre side. And to still have the confidence for all hairstyles I will use my Ashlynn Braid Angel Hair and the Glow up for the everyday looks.

I will invest in a good quality hair treatment program and I have heard Ashlynn Braid will have a treatment line too in 2020.

The truth is, I personally never considered  wearing extra hair extensions until I was introduced to Ashlynn Braid Hair and the simplicity to put it on. I never wanted the glue in tape in sew in extensions because I had no need for it before my hair became thinner and when it did, the horror stories from friends of glue and tape extensions causing damage prevented me from giving into the urge of solving my hair desires.

The Ashlynn Braid solution is the best of all worlds – no damage instant beauty. I can fix my hair in seconds and rock the world.

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