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Are you throwing away your expired cosmetics in time?

Yes, we hold on to the last rest of our favorite lipstick with a heavy heart, and we keep that preferred shampoo in the bathroom for as long as we can, but it may be wise to take the cosmetics product expiration deadlines seriously!

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Now is the perfect time to go through your collected assortments of creams, perfumes, makeup, and get rid of anything that’s unnecessary or that you haven’t used in a long time. By tidying up, you not only make declutter your bathroom, but you also assess what you really need or what you don’t need to buy for a while. Thus, you are also taking a step towards environmental awareness, as you do not accumulate excess plastic, as stated in a previous blog  ( In addition, it protects your skin and hair, as an expired wax or dye can even cause serious damage.

What should we pay attention to?

Take a body lotion in your hand, for example, and look at its label. You’re sure to see an open jar-like icon with a number and a big M in it. M indicates months, which signifies how many months you can safely use that product.

In this article, we describe the ideal storage time after opening each cosmetic.

Shampoo, conditioner (2 years) – your favorite hair care products will last up to 24 months, provided you take care not to get water in their bottle, for example, because you want to dilute them. But the same goes for shower gel and body scrub.

Perfume (1-2 years) – You may have vacillated for a long time to buy that poisonously expensive perfume, but you can still use it within a year. EDT versions can last up to two years.

Body Lotion (1 year) – This usually applies to most creams, just be sure to store them in a dry, cool place. If exposed to heat and steam they last about half a year. But as soon as you experience a change in smell or a different texture, throw it out right away because it can irritate your skin, cause redness, inflammation, and itching. The challenge is that these symptoms may not appear until a few days later.

Sunscreen (1 year) – it’s very hot out there in the summer, so we can’t stress it enough, how important proper sun protection is ( You should use them in abundance when you go out for the day because you shouldn’t even store them for next summer. The ray protective components in them break down by then, so it’s not worth keeping them.

Facial Care (1-1.5 years) – Most creams and masks have a 12-month shelf life. This date can be stretched a bit if you use them properly. What does this mean? Always reach into the ointments with clean hands or a clean swab or spatula, as bacteria can multiply very easily, so the product spoils faster. Not to mention that the bacteria can get on your skin. Tubular or pump formulations are more durable than jar products, they can be used for up to 2-3 years even.

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Powdered products (2-3 years) – powder, blush, bronzer will “be good” in the make-up bag for a long time. You have to think about throwing it out, if you can no longer apply it nicely to your skin. However, clean the brush you use regularly.

Powdered eyeshadow (1-1.5 years) – although you would think the same rule applies to them as above, unfortunately, you are wrong. Because they are applied to a more sensitive area and are more likely to have bacteria on them. So no matter how far you go for that beautiful eyeshadow palette, you may have to get rid of it.

Liquid foundation (6 months to 1 year) – in principle it should be changed every six months, but if you see nothing wrong with it, you can use it up to 1 year. However, if the texture or smell starts to change, don’t even think about putting it on your face!

Lipstick (1-2 years) – don’t just store the dazzling lipstick you treated yourself with on your birthday for special occasions, as it has a warranty of about a year, after which it can easily land in the trash if its condition changes.

Eye and lip pencil (3-4 years) – the real survivors of your toil, because if you sharpen them regularly, they will have no problem.

Eyelid (6 months-1 years) – if we find that the paint easily coalesces, becomes lumpy then, to dump it a must, as in this case we also need to take care of our eyes.

Mascara (4-6 months) – in the “warranty race” the spiral will always be the last place. This is because it dries easily, thickens, and please do not even try to excuse it because it can cause severe inflammation or infection because bacteria can colonize it easily.

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