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Be environmentally conscious with your makeup products!

Is protecting the earth becoming an increasing issue for you too? We’ll help you make your beauty routine a little more environmentally friendly, so you can do something for our future as well!

I bet you recycle and watch out to use as little plastic as possible. When it comes to clothes or food, you find it important that they are made with quality ingredients. Then why not do the same when it comes to cosmetics, because it is also an important part of our everyday lives. Our mission is also to change your life (, and in Ashlynn Braid’s world we try to ensure the best quality in all aspects of your life.

It’s natural!

Try to choose products, which have more natural ingredients, if not all natural. You can probably tell if it’s all natural just by looking at the packaging and without reading the backside, since these products are usually promoted that way. These vegan formulas are beneficial because they don’t burden the skin with different chemicals. The higher the concentration of natural ingredients, the more your skin will thank you later.

Get naked!

Don’t worry, we aren’t encouraging you to get rid of your clothes, instead, we’re encouraging you to embrace something called solid products. These products aren’t hiding behind fancy packaging, they’re usually packaged in a degradable paper box. For example solid shampoo. We advise everyone to use this, because this eliminates the plastic bottle, and it even cleans and foams up the same way.

Protective packaging

These will usually be written in big letters too, try to look for packaging which is recyclable. Make sure you’re throwing them in the right container when recycling! But if you want to be extra safe, choose products which are made out of environmentally friendly packaging like paper, glass or bamboo. Nowadays there are more and more cosmetics brands, which let you take the packaging back to the store so they can reuse it.

Protect the animals!

You can find environmentally friendly products not only among skin and hair products, but among makeup products too. Look for makeup which is vegan and not tested on animals, this way you can feel a lot better about yourself when you look in the mirror to do your makeup next time.

Environment and hair friendly

Forget your plastic hairbrush or comb, change it to something that is made from completely natural materials like wood and bamboo, including the bristles. A question may arise about natural bristles, for example, boar bristles, if that harms the environment. Some say that these are byproducts of the meat industry, in other words, would end up in the garbage. That means even your hairbrush is recycled! Or at least it doesn’t contribute to more plastic ending up in the oceans.

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