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5 beauty mistakes and how to correct them

We think we are doing everything for the perfect appearance, but maybe our skin and hair routine isn’t that perfect yet. Let us show you how to maximize the output of your routine!

Mistake 1: We aren’t cleaning our skin properly

micellar water and cotton pads

“I didn’t even wear makeup today, why should I clean my face?” – everyone thinks this sometimes. Even if you didn’t wear makeup that day, you still have to get rid of the residues left behind from sweat and dust accumulated throughout the day.

Solution: Wipe the day away!

At the end of the day, go over your face with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water, and you’ll see how much residues come off; and if you did wear makeup that day, definitely use a special makeup remover.

Mistake 2: Not taking skin protection seriously

When it isn’t sunny out or we aren’t going to the beach, we don’t always use protection against the sun. However, let us not forget about the UV rays even if it’s cloudy, or you’re in an office all day because these rays can be harmful to the skin even through windows.

woman applying sunscreen

Solution: Always wear protection!

Take this problem seriously, because the sun is the number one skin-aging factor. There are light products out there that give a matte effect that you can wear beneath your makeup. At least check if your primer or foundation has SPF (sun protection factor) in it. Don’t forget about your hair either! When you’re going out to the sun, spray your hair with a special hair protector spray, mentioned in our previous blog. (

Mistake 3: Trying to save time doing your hair routine

When you’re dead tired and going through your hair routine, some shampoo and a little conditioner won’t keep your hair healthy and shiny forever, your hair may need more!

Solution: Dedicate some time it will pay off!

Trust us, taking some extra time to take care of your hair is worth it! Read this blog about the newest hair trends (, and you’ll be in the mood in no time. Even if you don’t practice all of them, at least put on a hair mask 1-2 times a week, and don’t forget to protect your hair before using any heat-styling tools with it.

Mistake 4: Missing out on the moisturizer

“My primer or my foundation has a hydrating effect anyways” – this is the reason we don’t moisturize our face most of the time. Or we leave out this step, thinking it will make our skin feel burdened.

Solution: Add hydrating to your routine!

Pay attention to the right order: first use tonic, then a moisturizer or some other serum, after that primer and last comes your favorite foundation. If you’re worried about the texture, pick an extra easy gel moisturizer, you won’t even feel it when you’re wearing it.

Mistake 5: No real skincare at night

After a long day, do you just wash off your make up, take a quick shower, and go straight to bed? These hours are crucial and can do the most for your skin!

Solution: Take advantage of the rest time!

Our skin regenerates the most during the night, meaning skincare products can be absorbed even most efficiently. This is why night skin masks, serums are important because by morning they will do wonders to your skin! You don’t even have to worry about messing up your pillowcase because they get absorbed extremely fast.

Tip: There are night products for your hair as well, which will make them extremely soft by the time you wake up.

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