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Eliminate different colour hair-root growth without dyeing!

As your hair grows over the summer, the grown-out roots might look like a peek of autumn colours, but what if we have no time to go to the hairdresser – here are the good news, it’s no problem, even if we can’t go and we can’t dye our hair. Check out the latest tips to solve this problem!

The root growth is so annoying because it simply attracts the eye and even though the rest of our hair is okay, we can’t focus on anything else. After all, it can easily happen that for some reason we didn’t check in to our hairdresser on time, or in the rushed busy everyday life we just can’t take the time to colorate our locks. But do not despair, there are solutions even for this beauty emergency!

Let’s spray it away!

We can say goodbye to the divergent colour hair-growth in as little as one minute! But how? Fortunately, there is now an abundant selection of different propellant sprays. There are quite a few sprays that can quickly mask the discrepancy and already merge with our hair colour. And among the shades, we can easily find the tone that perfectly fits and lasts until the next hair wash. But you may also try a coloring spiral, which works like mascara for your hair, and provides quick help.

Let’s give it a twist!

When our hair is straight, the outgrowth is already “visible” from a distance. That’s why the easiest thing to do at this point is to make your hairstyle a little wavier or curly so the strands intertwine a little more. But it’s also a great solution to backcomb and tweak your hair a little to get the right texture. We can even use volumizer products to make the result more lasting.

Sparkling magic

Most of the time, the colour differences are so conspicuous because we lack the shine and shimmer and our locks look pale and lifeless. The best remedy against this is to use a shampoo or conditioner that fills the fibers with new life and gives shine. But it’s a good idea to use finisher products for your hairstyles, such as spray or oil, that will conjure a light shine, sometimes even containing golden sparkling pigments.

Covering hairstyles and accessories

“Good heavens, everyone will see it!” “I look like a…. !?” Instead of getting upset with yourself, let’s have a hairstyle that perfectly covers the problem! Forget the choices that draw attention to the roots and instead put your hair back, for example in a beautiful ponytail or a raised braid. And, as we posted about in our last blog (, this year the various scarves and shawls and headbands are very fashionable and have the advantage to cover the critical areas and even look spectacular!

Tip: ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair extension hair is also a great choice because you can use it to create hairstyles that cover “outgrowth” in under 2 minutes. And a beautiful, rich big head of hair easily distracts from the problem!

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