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Top 4 summer hairstyles

Are you tired of only wearing 2 hairstyles, which are letting your hair down or ponytail? We’ll tell you which hairdo’s are “in” this summer, and what the new trend is with hair accessories!

Is your hair the same almost every day, except sometimes it’s curly and sometimes you put it in a ponytail? Even small changes can make a huge difference. You can let your imagination roam free in the summer since there are so many lovely accessories you can use!

Use a handkerchief!

Thin scarves and handkerchiefs are still in, and they’re very easy to smuggle into your hairstyle. You could even just wear it as a hairband or wrap it around your ponytail. This summer’s favourite is if you braid it into your hair because it is as simple as it is spectacular.

Scrunchie mania

What exactly is a scrunchie? It’s a puffy hair tie from the 90s, which became trendy again last year. It’s a great accessory to use in this summer heat, you can magically create super practical hairstyles. Create a super cute ponytail or a messy bun with a scrunchie, this way your hair won’t be in the way. Choose a sparkling material or a patterned one, for example with stripes of polka dots, you can even wear multiple at the same time!

Headband with a twist

 Scarves aren’t the only decorative thing you can put around your head, there are plenty of headbands to choose from as well. Instead of looking for a simple headband, get one that has a braid, twist or knots in it. Clean simple colours and rustic textures are all the hype, buy one and check out how well they match your outfit!

Add some flowers!

Don’t be scared to put real flowers in your hair! Choose 3-4 small ones or one big one. The small ones can be used in a braid or a simple ponytail while big flowers can be used in hair that is let out. Fix it to your hair with a bobby pin.

Make it spectacular!

Did you avoid these hairstyles until now, because your hair is too short or thin for a braid, and even a ponytail is unflattering? This ends now! You don’t have to do anything other than flipping in an Ashlynn Braid® Halo Hair® Extension. You can pop it in under 2 minutes and immediately have thicker and longer hair. Now it’s up to you, which trick you decide to try out!

Send us your results and inspire other people as well!

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