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2-minute beauty tricks for those days when time is precious

Did you accidentally oversleep and now you only have 2 minutes to look your best? These following tricks will help you transform your makeup and hair in under 2 minutes!

“Oh no! I accidentally clicked the snooze button too many times!”, “I have to be at the meeting in a couple of minutes!” – Does this situation sound familiar? Everyone has those days when we think we can lounge around in the morning and do our makeup and hair, but something comes up and it doesn’t work out so you have to run. On those days, just a couple of minutes can make a huge difference for our looks.

Today is a great day!

Don’t panic even if you didn’t have time to do your morning makeup routine, and a pale face is looking back at you from the mirror. Use a glowing enhancer spray, which kills 2 birds with 1 stone: it gets absorbed faster than your hydrating cream and awakens the skin, giving it a nice glow and you’ll look fresher almost immediately.

2 minutes 2 letters

When you don’t have time, then don’t waste time on a foundation and fixing powder, because in such a rush you might not be able to spread it evenly, making it look worse than not wearing any foundation at all. Instead, opt for BB or CC creams, which you can spread with your fingers. It hides the skin problems, evens your skin tone, and gives your skin a natural finish. You won’t even need more after this.

Mascara is a must!

When you only have a couple of minutes, then pull this beauty weapon out of your makeup bag, because even one layer makes it look like you have full makeup on. For cases like this, keep a dramatic, volumizing mascara, because it gives it a nice contrast which will take the attention off everything else.

All-knowing miracles

Get a multifunctional makeup product, which you can keep in your bag at all times, and you can even apply it on your way to work. For example, this year’s favorite is blush and gloss in one, since this creamy or gel consistency can be applied with your fingers as well. Work it into your cheeks or on your lips for that extra colour. You can even use a little on your eyelids. We also love the glittery sticks, which you can use as a highlighter, bronzer, or eyeshadow.

Bye-bye greasy hair!

No more time to wash your hair! No problem! These days you can find superb dry shampoos, which can fix your problem in minutes. Were you scared of using dry shampoo until now, because of the white residue? Don’t worry, because the products on the market now are constantly improving, and it’s very easy to spread it out on your roots, leaving no trace. It can even give it some extra volume. There are even different shades of dry shampoo now, and it will also leave your hair smelling fresher than ever.

No more mess!

No matter what your hair won’t listen to you, and you even want to cancel your programs? Ashlynn Braid Hair was made for situations like this! In under 2 minutes, you can pop this Halo Hair on, just like a hairband. You can wear it down or in a ponytail, making it very practical in this summer heat. We don’t only guarantee a wonderful head of hair, but we’re making your life easier in a beauty emergency as well!

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