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Summer hair protection

Our skin is not the only one that needs protection from harmful UV rays, it is our hair that needs it too. Use different types of products and methods to keep your hair healthy and shiny during long sunny hours.

Sunscreen for your locks

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Sunscreen is one of the first things that go into your beach bag because we all know how strong sun rays can ruin our skin. Yet, we tend to forget that we have to protect our hair from the harmful UV rays as well. Since your hair’s outer layer doesn’t have any protection in place, it can become pallid and thin, while the inner protein structure can become damaged causing the hair to lose its flexibility. This is why it is important to have a special hair protection product in your beach bag. These specific sprays don’t only protect your hair from the sun, but also from the salty or chlorinated water, regenerating it and giving it an extra shine. It may even protect your sensitive scalp from sunburns.

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Extra nutrition

The heat can make that little amount of water in your hair evaporate, meaning our hair needs extra hydration and nutrition. Choose oils, which are packed with natural substances like avocado, argan, coconut, or olive. They are full of vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids, which regenerate the hair. On top you may also use extra hydrating products, to make up for the water loss.

Protect your colour!

If your hair is dyed, then you know how fast the sun can make that colour fade. This is why it is important to use colour protecting shampoo and conditioner, and we can use the sprays every time you decide to step out.

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Don’t forget hats!

This year hats and colourful scarves are fashionable, and they do not only protect your hair but they add extra chic, so you can look like the real diva you are at the beach. If you are the sporty type, choose a cool baseball cap in trendy pastel colours.

Post factum

Do you spend a lot of time in the sun or the water? When you get home from the beach, don’t forget to wash your hair, rinse out the sand, chlorine, or even salt. It’s worth putting on a hair mask for an hour or so, as mentioned in our previous blog. You can also try those leave-in products, which you may apply to extra dry hair. They provide intensive care and protect the hair structure against the harmful UV rays.

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