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Try the newest hair trends!

Are you sure you’re doing everything to achieve your perfect head of hair? We’ll show you this year’s trendiest hair care tips, and after reading the blog you’ll even look at hair washing differently!

“I’m not in the mood to wash my hair” – I bet you also say this all the time? Many times we think of it as a tiring procedure, but here’s the time to change! This will become one of your favorite beauty rituals! One of 2020’s new trends is to make hair care a pampering experience, and not just a boring routine.

Are you washing your hair correctly?

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At first, you might think that there’s no way for you to wash it incorrectly, and how we can ask such an oblivious question. But we have some bad news: unfortunately, many people don’t do it correctly. Most people want to get it over with, so they quickly shampoo their hair and quickly rinse it out, put on some conditioner, rinse it again, and done. However, just like doing your makeup, you have to spend time with it! First of all, only use a small dollop of shampoo on your roots and massage it thoroughly into your scalp. Don’t forget the nape, crown, and behind your ears either! The first time you shampoo it won’t become as foamy, so repeat the process, making sure you remove all the buildup, then only after that apply conditioner.

Your scalp is very important!

Do you mainly concentrate on your locks instead of your scalp? Your scalp is just as important and it’s also a very sensitive area since there can be lots of hair product residue or contamination. Add a special scalp eraser to your routine, which helps your hair follicles get to more oxygen and speeds up the blood flow. This small step can help grow your hair faster and even thicker.

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Conditioner or mask?

I bet you’re unsure about which hair products to choose from when you’re out shopping, so we’ll tell you the difference between the 2 products: conditioner regenerates the outer structure of the hair, making it shine, while masks work on the inner structure of your hair, efficiently hydrating it. In other words, first comes shampoo, then mask, then a little conditioner.

Tip: in one of our earlier blogs we wrote about how important it is to take care of your hair extension if you want them to have a long and happy life. This includes not only washing them with shampoo but use masks and conditioners as well, to hydrate and give them the nutrients they need.

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Enjoy it!

You probably also love all the different masks and creams you can leave on your face for hours. Look at hair masks the same way, and don’t wash it off immediately. There are some masks that you have to put on before you shower because they prepare it and nourish the ends. You can even do this with your favorite mask, apply it on dry hair, and wait an hour before washing it off.

Trust us, your hair will thank you with this little extra time you spend on it!

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