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Have your dream hair in less than 2 minutes!

ASHLYNN BRAID® stands for instantaneous beauty solutions. We use premium quality Human Remy Hair with European texture.

Your dream hair come true!

Whether “glowing up” the volume and a bit of length or adding “angel length” and extra volume, with ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair you can do it in minutes to wear it everyday.

Sustainable beauty!

ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair is easy to maintain. No damage is done to your hair while wearing it.



Fit ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair in Easy Steps

The wire is transparent, undetectable and ensures a perfect fit. You wear the ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair like a hair band underneath your own hair. You will get used to it in the shortest period of time and literally forget that you are wearing it, until you receive another complement for your radiant looks. For your convenience we supply stretchable and non-stretchable wires.


Meet ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair Solutions

 Easy to fix by yourself, without being a hair stylist

 Low maintenance, to enjoy the product for months

 Versatile for different hairstyles, to use every day and for special occasions

 Affordable, to have more than one set for special occasions

 Ethically and sustainably sourced

 100% Human Remy Hair in premium quality

 Undetectable, not to detract from your beauty

Multiple different shades that will blend with your hair colour

Length Comparison

ASHLYNN BRAID® Hair comes in two different lengths, which cover many possible hairstyles. The 12 inch/31cm Glow Up solution with 100 grams adds volume and length for your everyday confidence. The 20 inch/51cm Angel Hair with 140 grams is a real beauty statement and can be styled in a lot of different ways.
Straight - Wavy - Curly - Braids - Ponytail - Messy Buns - Fancy Updos … your creativity is the limit. Be sure to check out our special offers as they may come in additional lengths. Sign up for our Newsletter so we can keep you informed.


   Comparing different lengths of Ashlynn Braid Halo Hair extensions



Our Two Beauty Styles

Before & After

Before and After picture of a long haired girl wearing soft black Ashlynn Braid Halo Hair Extension

Before and After picture of a long wavy medium brown haired girl wearing Ashlynn Braid extensions

Before and After picture of a golden blonde long wavy haired girl wearing halo hair extensions

Before and After picture of girl with platinum blonde Ashlynn Braid halo hair extension

Before after picture of woman with shoulder length medium-brown Ashlynn Braid Hair Extension

Before and After picture of woman with golden blonde hair wearing Ashlynn Braid Halo Hair Extension

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